Sahel Lab

Sector :Equipment and Maintenance
Entrepreneur :Djibo Takoubakoye Daouda
Creation date : 2009
In portfolio since :2009
Sahel Lab is a laboratory that prepares mining samples for exploration actors in the country (uranium, gold) and conducts chemical, hydrologic and environmental analyses for other actors including large NGOs.

A company lead by Djibo Takoubakoye Daouda

Sahel Lab was co-founded by Sinergi in 2009, after the entrepreneur Djibo Takoubakoye Daouda applied for a business plan competition organized by Sinergi.

Djibo Takoubakoye Daouda holds a PhD in Nuclear Instrumentation from the University of Sherbrooke (Quebec-Canada), a DESS in Nuclear Security from Joseph Fourrier University (Grenoble-France) and a Master’s degree in Physics from Abdou Moumouni University (Niamey-Niger). Before founding Sahel Lab, he was responsible for the Radiological Environmental Monitoring Service, in charge of the gamma-ray spectrometric analysis of environmental samples (water, soil, vegetables, etc.) from the mining regions and the analysis annual balance sheets provided by the companies. He is also consultant in cartography and surface radiometry.

Partnership with Sinergi

Sahel Lab benefits from an investment in capital which objectives are to : 

  • Support to get ISO 17025 certification
  • Strategic support to become a market leader