Editions Afrique Lecture

Sector :Training
Entrepreneur :Chérif Louan
Creation date : 2003
In portfolio since :2018

Editions Afrique Lecture (EAL) specializes in the publishing and production of after-school books (annals of middle and high school classes). Its editorial line also enables it to publish works of literature (in French and national languages), essays and textbooks (course books, books, etc.). Editions Afrique Lecture offers its know-how to structures wishing to produce and/or publish their documents. 

A company lead by Chérif Louan

EAL was created by Chérif Louan, a publisher, graphic designer, editor and modeler. He holds a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in Applied Mathematics and Physics (with the use of computer tools) from Kharkov State University in Ukraine – USSR. Author, co-author, editor and composer of several books (3rd and 4th grade mathematics, descriptive statistics textbook, physics and chemistry textbook for 6th to 3rd grade),  he is the president of the network of publishers in Niger and managing director for the book sector at the Agency for the Promotion of Enterprises and Cultural Industrie.

Partnership with Sinergi

EAL benefits from an investment in capital and from I&P Acceleration in Sahel program in partnership with I&P and the European Union.