La Sahélienne des Semences

Entrepreneur :Abdou Magagi
In portfolio since :2015

La Sahélienne des Semences is a company dedicated to the production, packaging and marketing of improved seeds of rainfed and market gardening species. To date, it produces improved seeds of millet, sorghum, cowpea, groundnuts and maize.

A company lead by Abdou Magagi

 The company was founded by Abdou Magagi who holds a Master’s degree in plant breeding from Ghana, and has attended several national and international training courses and seminars in the field. Abdou Magagi has more than 34 years of experience in hybrid seed research and plant breeding as an agent of INRAN. He has a perfect knowledge of local varieties and improved seeds developed by INRAN for Producers and trained them in production techniques with improved seeds and accompanied them throughout his career. He has succeeded in building strong commercial and technical relationships with producers in the region and with project and NGO clients.

Partnership with Sinergi

La Sahélienne des Semences benefits from investment in capital that objectives are  : 

  • Implementation of management tools (budget monitoring, cash flow plan, journals, inventory management)
  • Operational follow-up at the technical, organisational, commercial and financial levels
  • Competitive intelligence (search for customers and technical partners)
  • Identification and support for the development of tendering contracts


  • Contribute to food security, improved nutrition and the promotion of sustainable agriculture
  • Implementation of a support program for producers
  • Recovery and treatment of residues
  • 134 tonnes of improved seeds distributed in 2018
  • Structuration of a network of 191 small agricultural producers