Volaille du Sahel

Volaille du Sahel is a start-up that produces and sells hallal meat (chicken, guinea fowl, chicken derivatives).

Cremière du Sahel

La Crémière du Sahel is a cheese dairy specialising in the processing of cow's milk. 

Ainoma Seed Farm

Ainoma Seed Farm is specialized in the production of improved seeds for the south-western region of Niger. The production site is located in the village of Fatabaga in the commune of Tamou, Say Department in the region of Tillabéry.

Sahel Délices

Sahel Délices is a company specialized in the production and marketing of food products made from local raw materials.

Idée Féminine

Idée Féminine is an industrial company specialized in the packaging of raw materials. The company counts today in its customer portfolio almost all the large distribution stores of the capital

Tech Innov

Tech Innov is a company whose main activity is the promotion and marketing of technological solutions for agriculture and irrigation.


Innovatech is a company dedicated to researching technological innovation, production processes and the adoption of new technologies in agriculture.


Salma is a company specialized in agro-industry. It produces feed for livestock (sheep, cattle, goats) based on fodder, agro-industrial products and minerals.

Made’s Group

MADE'S GROUP is an industrial unit specializing in the production and marketing of potato chips, infant flour enriched with moringa and peanut, and juices, all based on the sweet potato.

La Sahélienne des Semences

La Sahélienne des Semences is a company dedicated to the production, packaging and marketing of improved seeds of rainfed and market gardening species.


ETC is a small cereal processing and marketing company which sources raw materials produced by small-scale producers (millet, sorghum, rice) and markets food products (flour, couscous, dégué, etc.)